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Scany, a network scanner app for iPhone, iPad and iOS, scans LAN, Wi-Fi networks, web sites, open ports, discovers network devices and digs network info no other iOS tools can. It supports plenty of networking protocols and anti-stealth technologies. Including all the net info retrieval and testing tools, Scany is an ultimate network toolkit.

Scany is a powerful multifunctional networking instrument for finding connected devices, looking up detailed device information, network troubleshooting, scanning ports, testing network security and firewalls.

The good about Scany is that it offers lots of useful tools in addition to its primary feature of scanning your Wi-Fi, LAN or any other network and providing detailed information about any device connected to it, its domain and network names, addresses and vendor. Scany also includes a whole set of networking utilities — ping, traceroute, remote wake (WOL), Whois, Geo IP and shows information about active network connections along with the external IP address of your router.

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Scany is easy to use — just type in the domain name of a web site, the IP address of a server or any other networking device and Scany will do everything possible to get the maximum of detailed information about it — will scan for open ports and running services, will detect the hardware manufacturer and all network names assigned to the device, network address range, round trip time and also will provide an easy access to the Whois database for all device’s domain names and IP addresses.

To scan the whole network and to find all devices connected to it just type in the starting and the ending IP addresses that are automatically detected in case of scanning the current Wi-Fi or LAN network address range.

It is also worth noting that implementing special scanning techniques Scany finds even hidden networking devices on a Wi-Fi or a LAN, whose owners do not want to advertise their presence for various reasons and hide, for example, behind a firewall. This feature is useful for testing if anyone is using your Wi-Fi access point, office or home network without your permission.


— Scan both LAN and the Internet
— Scan any IP address or network range
— Bonjour hostnames lookup
— Windows hostnames lookup (NetBIOS, Samba)
— Device names lookup (UPnP, SSDP, DLNA)
— Country of origin detection of the network owner
— Network range and AS number lookup
— MAC address and hardware vendor lookup
— Wake on LAN or Wi-Fi (by MAC address)
— Wake over the Internet (using proper routers)
— Ping/Trace hosts with integrated tools
— WHOIS hostnames, IP addresses, ASNs
— Know Wi-Fi, VPN, 3G/EDGE and external IPs
— Group results into multiple histories
— E-mail scan results
— Predefined services for your convenience
— Possibility to add custom services
— Checks ICMP, TCP and UDP
— Faster asynchronous network I/O
— Works with Wi-Fi, 3G, EDGE and GPRS
— Uncluttered interface design