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Mnemonizer is a breakthrough innovation in data security. Store your PINs and passwords smart by hiding them among random symbols on a mnemonic card. Having placed your data on the cell field, you will be the only person in the world to read it right. Peeking at the screen of your device, everyone else will see a mess, absolutely impossible to sort out in a variety of over 14 mln combinations. Trying to guess your data would be an a priori lost cause. Thus, yours will stay only yours.

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Security does not mean complexity. While other apps protect your “naked” data by passwords, that complicate your access and do not prevent from stealing, Mnemonizer goes deeper. It proves that accessibility and simplicity can equal safety and confidentiality.

Featuring beautiful, simplistic, clean and fast interface, Mnemonizer makes for an efficient and enjoyable experience. And mesmerizing fluid animations, actualized by OpenGL ES, give it a special charm, making it stand out from the pack.