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Known Issues

Possible crash on iOS 9

Status: The fix is on the way and a workaround is available.

The bug is in the code that created a thin blur around text labels and UI elements on the main screen – we're really sorry about that. This option is turned off by default and is triggered by swiping the screen diagonally. Happens because on iOS 9 textures seem to use a special align optimized memory format.

Until the fix comes please avoid using diagonal swiping to trigger the blur.

If the app crashes, there are two ways to handle this. If you don't have important data like waypoints stored in the app you can delete the app and reinstall from the App Store – it should not crash unless the blur is triggered. Otherwise, if the data there is important, please, keep the app until the fix comes, or you can use other editions of the app, including the free one, if it doesn't require camera related features.