Spyglass quick overview – GPS outdoor navigation toolkit for wildlife tracking & survival

This overview video shows what you will see when you first open and start using Spyglass, covers its main features, modes and customization options.

How to add, track and navigate to the locations

This video shows how you can save your custom places and waypoints, see them on maps or augmented reality display and navigate precisely to them later using the gyrocompass mode and navigating by the sun for higher precision.

How to use the sun, moon and stars for precise navigation

This video shows how you can solve the hazardous accuracy issues, typical of most digital compasses, and get the highest precision possible on your device.

How to navigate by the GPS course and back up your vehicle gauges

This video shows how you can use Spyglass as a backup speedometer for your vehicle, get clear compass directions on back road and cross country road trips, trace your position on the map and control your vertical speed.

How to share cool spots and your current location with friends

This video shows how you can share your current or saved location with your friends so that they could easily find the way to it, no matter what device or software they are using.

How to use the optical rangefinder to measure distance

This video shows how you can use the Rangefinder to measure the distance to your target. Just like a reticle in a sniper rifle, the Rangefinder in Spyglass is based on the height of an average human (1.7m/5.6ft).

How to measure the size of objects and the distance to them

This video shows how using the Sextant tool you can measure the size of a building/object if you know the distance to it. Or vice versa – how you can measure the distance if you know the size.

How to document landscapes, trail hazards, violations and incidents

This video shows how you can document significant locations, trail hazards, violations or incidents by grabbing pictures with myriads of positional data overlaid.

Military map vehicle mode screen capture in Spyglass

That's how your iPad screen looks when you use night mode maps in Spyglass and Commander Compass apps.

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